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Experience, quality, sinergy and globalization as strategy.


Experience and quality have accompanied us since the beginning of the company, a constant search for synergies and unions between companies and brands of sports nutrition. From SNTI we try to find the best offer for our customers: small distributors that accompany and bring the products closer to the final customer. For years our own brands have been serving the best quality products to the market:

-       Hyper Effex

-       Abuela

-       Iron Supplements

-       Sphaker

Official distributors of the best brands in sports distribution.

  • Sci-Labs

  • Nutrabolics

  • Dymatize

  • Multipower

  • Biotech USA

Sports nutrition is a sector that has been gaining ground in Spain and Europe. It has been growing more and more, and hand in hand with the size of the business group. The sports nutrition products have been expanding each time with complementary products and other services:

  • Organic and BIO food
  • Protein food
  • Sphaker: shaker mixers
  • All types of proteins and aminoacids

A business group that has grown over time, a commitment to customers and the world of sport: BIO, Sphaker, Sport Food Lab and legal consulting. A family of companies that work side by side to offer the best selection of national and international sports nutrition and healthy food products on the market. You can contact our sales team without obligation, and we will inform and advise you on everything you need. Our goal: to be leaders in distribution, accompanying our customers in the buying process, advising them in everything they need and supporting them logistically. Distributors, creators and manufacturers of products The company was born in 2013, starting with experience in the sector under the trade name of SNTI and with special alliances in the USA and other European countries. Since the beginning with Victor Ramirez at the head.

Do you want to distribute sports nutrition? Join us.

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